Wednesday, 11 May 2016

life, week 18

windy, rainy day nap time location // while I enjoy the warmth of the burning wood stove and coffee

0820 am leopard wake up call // We decided to start sleep training Sverre plus try to quit nighttime breastfeeding too. It might be too much at the same time for this softhearted mamma, but luckily we are off to a good start. He did cry for a while last night when we put him to bed, but he slept through the night (hallelujah!). He fell asleep again after the 6 am feeding and we had to wake him up (I really hate having to wake up my baby) to get to dress up day in kindergarten and a garage appointment by 9 am. Fingers crossed for a repeat tonight!

Tuesday morning garage hang out

five mamas, five babies, goodies and coffee // barseltreff ftw

fresh from the oven // always the best

Ready for my first bike ride in a year. That means I have only used my bike once (now twice) since I got it. I blame being pregnant and then having a baby. 

First bike ride as a family of four, and a record for Sara - 13 km! So proud of her!

He is in the habit of napping for half an hour, three times a day. Just like his sister. 

I'm so glad she asks to bike to kindergarten instead of driving. I will always happily oblige to that.

Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!

baby steps // two minutes of hula hooping // #husmortrim

I love the fact that it is not yet completely dark by ten pm.

Saturday 7 am // the weather forecast says it will be 23 c later today // you are off to a good start, May

pale legs, don't care! // instant summer in early May // also: yay for early start of sandal season - last year I didn't wear sandals until the end of June

first time sitting on grass // not feeling it

9:20 pm red wine drinking view

She really likes her new socks.

I had a haircut and then I went shopping. Alone. I can't remember the last time I did that - shopping or shopping alone. I used to be mush more into shopping. Not so much anymore. But today I enjoyed it. Didn't buy the top. I liked it a lot though. 

I like our garden. A lot.

first meeting with 25 C and apparently he finds it too hot to settle for proper naps - fingers crossed nighttime will be better

escaping the heat

Sunday 8:30 pm // Apparently Stavanger was the hottest place in Norway today; 26,2 degrees Celsius - which is not normal for the beginning of May. We sure enjoyed this taste of summer, although our bodies got quite a shock of this very sudden heat.

the grilled corn is my favorite 

- - -

Week 18: May 2-8


  1. Sara, there are so many things I'd like to talk to you about! There are so many new things happening if you suddenly are more than three. Maybe I have time to get back to you later on.



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