Tuesday, 3 May 2016

life, week 17

granola no 5 I love you

For some reason it has been a month since my last pram walk around the lake. I know it has been this long because I like to log my walks via Runkeeper - which also makes me stay in touch with all my running friends, including my husband. I love these walks! So why a whole month since the last one?! Life with a baby can be pretty unpredictable.

sliding stairs 

0650 am nap time pram walk // at least there is sun

Voss bound // Sverre is napping, Sara is watching Frozen, Sølve is working and I'm drinking coffee

pit stop to check out the progress of our friends' house // house envy!!

0830 am nap time pram walk // vakre Vangsvatnet 

3:30 pm nap time pram walk // vakre Gråsida 

nap time view whilst listening to ingefær podcast // pene Prestegardsmoen 

yet another nap time pram walk // Prestegardsmoen ftw!

milestone: he can sit (sort of) in the pram 

season finale 

Sara was too eager to get in front of her cousin to pose for the photo

8:30 am nap time pram walk window shopping // chair envy! 

fika a la Ingvild - both aesthetically and tastily pleasing // those buns are to die for!

home bound via Dale for fika and play

and then a little more play with those friends with that house 

- - -

Week 17: April 25 - May 1

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