Friday, 1 April 2016

things I like lately

from my 2013 Bergen garden archives

- 1,5 week of Easter holiday and spending time with family and friends
- coming home to the comforts of our own home (our own rooms, beds, bathroom) after 1,5 week away
- coming home to a garden full of crocus
- trees are budding
- seeing Sara's skiing skills improve
- a good night's after several rough ones (thank you, Sverre)
- binge listening to Mariell og Sara's podcast
- this cookbook
- morgenfint
- cooking with a young child
- i denne butikken kastes det nesten ikke noe mat
- nummer tolv
- 20 grunner til at kvinner over førti er best
- planetbox
- sånt eg vil gjera snart, eller i alle fall i livet
- organise your linen closet/bag/box

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sverre is teething (again) - the two front teeth cut during Easter and he has been quite bothered with it
- a cluttered house - makes me want to do a proper decluttering/clearing out - Marie Kondo style - but I don't think my other half would approve of that

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