Monday, 18 April 2016

life, week 14

pre kindergarten maracas session // so loud

garden status April 5

Some days motherhood is more exhausting than others. Today (and yesterday) is one of those days. Trying to stay positive tough - which is extra challenging now that I'm working hard on staying away from sweets (yes, I do like to cheer myself up with chocolate - who doesn't?!). Good things today: these tulips that I got from Sara and Sølve yesterday, the first coltsfoot of the season, drinking a big cup of coffee whilst Sverre is napping, and homemade fish gratin for dinner. 

jenter kan // girls can do anything - especially with a little help from pappa

post kindergarten delivery // first of three naps

rainy day errands in the city // having film developed, returning books to the library, picking up new glasses

checking out mamma's new glasses

Sverre's current food favorites are breastmilk and these kind of pouches (note to self: this too shall pass), so I really stocked up when I came across a great offer at the grocery store today.

When the baby monitor suddenly looses signal and this is the reason: the baby is awake and checking out the technology.

bed time nursing view // note to self: get blackout curtains 

hoodie twin cousins // they were equally excited to play again

daffodils from our garden for the hosts // Saturday good times hanging out with friends - big and small - 25 of them all together 

one week old vegetable garden 

the vegetable garden super team // repotting the radish seedlings 

 The trampoline season has officially started, plus Sverre had his hanging out in the garden debut. Big hurrahs for gorgeous spring weather!

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Week 14: April 4-10

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