Friday, 18 March 2016

things I like lately

because flowers are always a good idea // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- Sverre turned six months this week - time flies!
- Sverre is becoming more and more mobile on the floor - it's so fun to observe
- Sverre's belly laughs
- Sara is really into this song and she sings it all day
- i kjøleskapet mitt - I did a similar post a few years ago; my pantry essentials
- video: talking about our food goals and changes
- 8 tips for taking amazing photos
- new to me blogs added to my reading list: the indie broccoli, Stine Friis, Carolines verden
- Ingrid/Fjeldborg has started blogging again - yay!
- absolutely gorgeous spring weather - blue skies, frost in the morning, 12 degrees Celsius in the shadow during day and probably up to 20 degrees in the sun
- seeing how excited Sara was to get IKEA ice cream
- we don't have a view from our house yet we can see beautiful snow covered mountains from our driveway - which makes me so happy
- an early evening, just before Sverre's bedtime, solo trip to the grocery store - I was in desperate need of a little alone time
- the start of the Easter holiday and nearly two weeks of family and friends time at the mountain cabin and Voss

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- I was hit by a car (!) A car reversed into me, pushing me up against my own car, whilst I stood by the driver seat door of my parked car. It only stopped because of my screaming. Luckily I have no serious injuries, but I'm quite shaken and shocked by the bizarre happening.
- due to cutbacks I didn't get my job back (I had a temporary position as a middle school teacher)
- Sara has had a fever on and off all week
- no kindergarten for Sara because of said fever - I think we both need a little break from each other, and little miss S needs a serious iPad detox
- trying to give both Sara and Sverre the attention they need and deserve whilst being home with them all day, all week - it has been very challenging
- too much emotional eating

(It has not been the best week.)

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  1. I would say a week were you get hit by a car and you've been told you can't go back to your job is not a good week - oh dear, so sorry your week was so rough. And so glad no serious injuries happened, the experience alone is enough - please take care of yourself. A biiiiig *hug*!



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