Friday, 11 March 2016

things I like lately

from the 2011 spring archives 

- ei kjensle
- how to (not) do it all with two kids
- the British documentary rich kids on Instagram
- daffodils for the living room
- long naps when I really, really need it
- Sunday evening, just before dinner; Sara turned off all lights in the living room, saving the lit candles. "I want it to be like it is at the cabin."
- the sound of the burning wood stove when I nurse Sverre in the morning
- reading a cookbook in the early spring spring sun on the terrace whilst Sverre naps
- Sverre has fallen asleep on his own (not whilst nursing) on several occasions this week - fingers crossed that this phase will last a while
- spring is in the air - even though mornings are still frosty, the air feels different during daytime and so does the light
- the lovely ladies - and their babies - in my barselgruppe (a group of mammas who had their babies within cirka the same month and who live in the same area, organised by the local municipal health center - is it a Norwegian thing?) - they don't mind talking about nursing, sleep and poop all day long and for that I'm thankful
- saker jag inte visste (via Hjartesmil)
- 10 påsketradisjoner hjemme hos oss
- I'm actually glad I quit the brighter evenings project - it's all about priorities, which I've been thinking a lot about lately (more about that later, I think)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sverre wakes up a little too much during night lately
- due to Sverre napping so well in his bed during daytime, I have gotten lazy and have not been out walking for a long time, weeks even (Sara hardly ever napped in her bed, I had to be out walking with the pram to get her to sleep)
- my mood has not been the best this week...
- paying bills - soon boring!

- - -

Answers to questions in the comments

Alessandra asked for tips for winter driving on this post.

- I'm not a big fan of winter driving either, so I like to leave it to Sølve, especially when we drive to the mountains. My tips however are: make sure you have great winter tires and drive carefully. Find a safe yet icy place (for example an empty parking lot) and practise.

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  1. God lørdagskveld! Jeg er dessverre altfor dårlig på å kommentere, men vil bare at du skal vite at jeg er innom jevnlig og synes bildene dine er sååå fine! Du er så godt på å fange lys, og gjøre helt alminnelige hverdagssituasjoner så ekte og vakre!



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