Friday, 4 March 2016

things I like lately

today felt like spring - not just inside

- unsubscribing to lots of newsletter that have been crowding my inbox
- clearing out my inbox - I hate doing it, but it feels so good when it's done
- at the cabin: drinking coffee and reading D2 in bed whilst listening to Sølve play with Sverre, my mother-in-law read for Sara and my father-in-law make breakfast (the usual egg and bacon cabin breakfast)
- star watching outside the cabin on cold, clear nights - it really is the most amazing sight; it feels like all the stars in the universe are right above the cabin
- night time errands to the outhouse, leaving the door open to enjoy the moon and the stars (whilst freezing my butt off)
- the new Greek style passion fruit yoghurt from Tine
- curious about Gweneth Paltrow's new cookbook - I love her It's all good book
- deciding to stay indoors and catch up on blogging during Sverre's nap time instead of going for a (much needed) walk - it was the perfect day for such a choice; it's super windy and snowing
- this photo
- vinterferie uten strøm
- selger mat med opptil 90 prosent rabatt
- evenings are getting brighter - and I LOVE it! PS: my new brighter evenings photo project

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- massive headaches
- we're on the last episode of season five of Downton Abbey - so bummed that the sixth and final season is not available on (Norwegian) Netflix

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section

- Parkfriend asked on this post: Is there a special significance to the candelabra you have on your table? Is it a usual thing for Norwegian families to have? Do you buy them at special stores?

No, it's nothing special about it. Not that I know. I got mine at Fretex, the Salvation Army's secondhand outlet. 

- Katrine asked on this post: how far is the mountain cabin away from "civilisation"?

Both in summer and winter it takes about an hour to hike/ski to the cabin from the parking lot. During winter we make sure to stock up on shelf-stable food, toilet paper, propane for the gas stove etc. with help of a snowmobile. Fresh food we need to carry in our backpacks every time we visit. 

- enuwy asked for a recipe for Sandefjordsmør on this post.  

Here it is. In Norwegian though. Should be easy to translate with Google Translate.

Kristin asked a while ago what color we have on our walls.

- Lys antikkgrå and refleksjon, both from Jotun.

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