Tuesday, 8 March 2016

the 2016 project: a roll of film a month

the January film // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

I have briefly mentioned before that I have started a film project for 2016. As the title of this post suggests, the project is simply to shot a roll of film each month of 2016. As simple as that.

Part of the reason for this project is to (hopefully) regain my joy of shooting film. 2015 was a film shooting low point; I finished two films. How sad! Normally I would shoot at least one roll a month. For some reason I lost interest in shooting film over the last year or so. Could it be that it disappeared into the extraordinary year we had with the move from Bergen to Stavanger, living with my in-laws, settling into a new job, renovating a house and being pregnant (phew! glad all that is over!)? Could it be that during that year shooting with my iPhone was so much more convenient and that I was actually pretty happy about the result of those photos and hence didn't feel the need to photograph any other way? Or could it be that I have been less happy with the recent scans (have my expectations been too high?)?

What ever the reason for the lost interest is, I know I still love shooting film for this simple reason; it slows me down. In this time of instant gratification and all things digital, it feels good to slow down, be patient and do adjustments to get that one photo just right. Developing film is not cheap, so I like to make each frame on the roll count. Sometimes the result will be disappointing, sometimes it will be better than expected and sometimes there are brilliant happy accidents.

If you are in doubt; yes, I will share the monthly films with you in this space. Hopefully I will also find time to revive the "why do you shoot film?" project. (Please email me if you want to participate in this project! Don't be shy, I would love to hear from you if you are a fellow film shooter. astridhagen@hotmail.com)

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  1. Hei Astrid (see what I just did there).

    Jeg her helt fersk, SUPERfersk faktisk, når det gjelder analog fotografering. Ca en måned siden gikk jeg til innkjøp av min første analogbaby, en Nikon F, og jeg er godt i gang med å bruke opp min første filmrull og er SÅ spent på resultatet. Jeg leker med tanken om å ha samme prosjektet som deg med en filmrull i måneden, håper det er okå?

    Jeg lurer forresten på, hvordan digitaliserer du filmen din? Altså.. nå føler jeg meg supernoob (...med god grunn!) men hvordan får du bildene dine på bloggen? Scanner? Ett eller annet tilbud når du fremkaller?



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