Monday, 7 March 2016

life, week 9

Starting the new week with my beloved oatmeal porridge with a side of sunshine for breakfast plus a cluttered house and a massive headache.

trying to eat more vegetables // lunch: broccoli flatbread (recipe via Green Kitchen Stories) with half a avocado, salami, red bell pepper and lettuce

current reading pile // inspiration for my quest to eat more vegetables and plant-based food

Apparently watching the snow fall has quite a hypnotic effect.

just because I found puffed rice in the drawer

so heavy she could barely carry them // spoilt mamma gets a bunch of roses, just because

just the two of us, plus a happy Sverre chatting on the floor // happy with how the pesto made from juicing pulp turned out 

because she asked for it and it's Friday // made even a little more healthy than the last time 

first ones in our own garden this season

after 6 pm // brighter evenings

evening grocery and chocolate shopping, including much needed alone time // mamma life for the win

thankful for grandparents and long naps

- - -

Week 9: February 29 - March 6


  1. eg synes dette er ein interessant diskusjon (ikkje for å moralisere, men synes det virkar som dykk veldig ofte drikk alkohol til måltida med borna dykk), og synes det er ein fin ting å reflektere over:

  2. So exciting to read (and see) that you're trying more vegetarian and plant-based food! Good for you, good for your kids, the planet and for animals. You wont regret it! :D
    Also recommend yo to check out the blog 'Oh she glows'.
    Good luck and have fun :)



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