Sunday, 6 March 2016

life, week 8

no kindergarten today either // go away stupid cold // making the most of it whilst baby brother naps

the spring sun is coming

8 am coffee making view // the snow is back and my cold has not left

juice in the making - with lots of ginger to scare away the cold

That moment when he discovered his feet and tickled them.

Before 8 am Friday status: the leopard is charging up for today's kindergarten carnival, the early bird/night owl baby brother kept the mamma awake all night - of which he seems totally unaffected (mamma on the other hand...), and the pappa has filled the dining table with his ski gear and is more than ready for a weekend at the mountain cabin.

6:45 pm // brighter evenings

that light and that cabin view // more from our cabin weekend

that moment when everything was all kinds of perfect // let's not talk about the sleepless nights and the four year old who was a champion whiner

- - -

Week 8: February 22-28

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