Thursday, 31 March 2016

life, week 12

standard cabin breakfast, plus bacon // pretty good way to start the week

Unna vei! // good bye for now, mountain cabin

Tuesday 4 pm // Voss bound

Good morning, Voss!

morning nursing view 

The silence before the storm. Awaiting our 12 Easter holiday guests.

this house // where we got married 8 years ago

Easter holiday, part two // part one 

busy little hands

the last sunny skiing trip of the Easter holiday // it was a good one

9 am fort building 

six adults, seven kids, twenty two skis, snowfall, a campfire and lots of hotdogs // doing Easter the right way

A little bummed that the sun and blue skies from yesterday are gone, but the snowfall was kind of refreshing too. (Not really. Just trying to stay positive.)

campfires for the win

First time getting fresh snow on his face; he wasn't too excited.

It's a ferry boat, mamma.

peekaboo mountain

The campfire made skiing in the snowfall so worth it. The hotdogs and hot chocolate even more so.

I remember skiing downhill like this with my dad when I was little. Now it's my turn to do the same with Sara. 

My 5:30 am wake up call is a happy babbling one. Wish I could hit the snooze button until at least 6:30 am though.

It stopped raining just when we started the trip and it started raining again when we finished. In between there were lots of proud parents moments and an equally proud four year old skiing super star. There were campfire and hotdogs too, of course.

convenient baby fast food (when the boob is hidden under layers of wool)

a moment of pure happiness with big sister Sara

Sverre's first time meeting Hama. He didn't care.

The two youngest in our group of sixteen Easter vacationing friends.

Sun and oh so windy. Opted for pyjamas till passed noon and spring cleaning in the garden instead of skiing today.

so happy to help 

- - -

Week 12: March 21-27


  1. Looks like lovely days filled with friends, laughter, fun and joy. How wonderful!

  2. Jeg bare liker alt ved dette. Alt.




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