Thursday, 24 March 2016

life, week 11

A little something that made me stop and walk back during my morning nap time pram walk.

my poor baby is feverish, again // luckily the little brother is alright

He's on the move! 

morning comfort food // part of a photo an hour 

early spring plum tree status // not much happening really, but looking great against that blue, blue sky

breakfast dessert // because yesterday was an extraordinary crap day - I didn't get my job back and I was hit by a car - luckily I have no serious injury but still quite shocked about it all

Still feeling a little poorly, but the weather was too good to miss, so we did a little spring cleaning in the perennial bed.

more moving, more reaching 

Mornings are still frosty, but daytime is so gorgeous. At least this week, anyway. 

morning fog rising 


Pre Easter sick day activity. Her idea. She drew and cut them, I helped color a few of them. 

An early evening, just before Sverre's bedtime, solo trip to the grocery store, with this light as a beautiful bonus - I was in desperate need of a little alone time.

And then this. Followed by a bit of pre bedtime chaos when returning home.

happy camper // cabin weekend in March

- - -

Week 11: March 14-20

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  1. Jeg vil gjerne gi deg en klem og litt oppmuntring etter de negative hendelsene. Hold motet oppe, det blir sikkert tøft å finne ny jobb, men du finner nok en til slutt!
    Og så ekkelt å bli påkjørt, men godt at du ikke ble skadet!
    Kan tenke meg det har vært noen tøffe dager...



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