Monday, 14 March 2016

life, week 10

early spring bliss - lasted for about five minutes and then Sverre woke up

baby nap time view plus a cookbook and a blanket // got my priorities right today

trying to eat more vegetables (especially after the amount of chocolate I stuffed myself with last night) // lunch: carrot flatbread with avocado, salami, red bell pepper and lettuce

first time having a friend home after kindergarten - they were equally excited

spring is in the air, the light is changing

spring is in the air // note to self: a daily pram walk keeps the cabin fever away #astridspramwalkdiaries

Friday night: Home alone with the little ones. Thankful for the iPad babysitting Sara whilst I put Sverre to bed. Don't know how else I would solve it. What's your trick?

before 9 am Sunday nap time pram walk // because the fall-asleep-in-the-bed-by-himself phase is over as quickly as it started

- - -

Week 10: March 7-13

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