Thursday, 17 March 2016

a photo an hour

A photo an hour on Tuesday March 15 - the day my big baby Sverre turned 6 months. Time flies! 

 7 am: We have been up for an hour already. 6-ish is his new standard wake up time. A little too early for my liking, but this too shall pass - like all other baby phases.

8 am: Still hooked on oatmeal porridge for breakfast. Always happy to have it with a side of sunshine.

9 am: Nap time pram walk to the local grocery store.

10 am: Sara is home from kindergarten, recovering from yesterday's fever. Getting ready to go to IKEA. Need to pick up a few things plus Sara has been asking for an "IKEA ice cream" (soft serve) for ages.

11 am: Apparently IKEA not only equals IKEA ice cream, but also meatballs. Luckily there were meatballs at the breakfast buffet. Too early for meatballs for me, so I opted for yoghurt and müsli.

Noon: IKEA ice cream!

1 pm: Speed vacuuming (so much needed) whilst Sara watches cartoons and babysits a sleeping Sverre via the baby monitor.

2 pm: The nap did him well. So happy!

3 pm: More iPad (she watches way too much when she's sick) and playtime whilst I tidy the kitchen.

4 pm: After a few laps around the garden to get Sverre to sleep, I enjoy a little bit of mamma time in the absolutely gorgeous spring sun. It didn't last long until Sara called for my attention; her fever seems to be coming back.

5 pm: Playing cards whilst Sara snacks on plain macaroni - the only thing she wants to eat today.

6-7 pm: A stroll around the lake with a dear colleague. So nice to catch up! Also, first time out in the evening since Sverre was born. He needs his mamma's milk - and he does't take the bottle - so I can't be away from him for too long. This too shall pass.

8 pm: Both kids are asleep and Sølve makes his super yummy pasta bolognese for dinner.

9 pm: TV dinner. We just started watching Cooked on Netflix. I think I like it.

10:30 pm: Finally bedtime. At that point I was unaware that it would be a very busy night with both kids waking up way too often - Sara because of the fever (yes, it came back) and Sverre because of... I don't know what. Because he is a baby.

- - -

a photo an hour when Sverre turned one week and three months

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