Friday, 26 February 2016

things I like lately

From last month's visit to the cabin, also part of my new film project that I really should get around to telling you about soon. // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N 

- on his five months birthday I discovered that Sverre's first tooth had cut (Sara had just turned four months when the first tooth cut)
- passing a stranger on the street who reads Kindle whilst walking
- homemade After Eight (using this recipe)
- my husband is a champion bathroom cleaner
- Sara napped with her head on my lap - can't remember the last time she did that (what I don't like about it is the reason for her napping - a fever)
- first road trip as a family of four - it was quite successful
- hanging out with our friends in Bergen again
- Sølve's pasta bolognese for dinner - it hit just the right spot
- a long nap when I desperately needed it
- subzero temperatures and sun
- learning the meaning of expressions like builder's tea and ploughman's lunch
- we might give Bondens Kasse a try (monthly delivery of food from local farmers)
- made these broccoli flatbreads (using juicing pulp) and they are quite good
- I kind of agree with this
- zero-waste progress report
- a weekend ahead at the mountain cabin - the weather forecast is spectacular

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sara coughs so much that she vomits
- Sverre also got a cough and a bit of a cold - for the first time in his life
- I got a cold too
- no pram walk this week due illness - hello cabin fever!


  1. Åh, så masse fint! Og hyttetur hørtes fryktelig koselig ut!

  2. all my best wishes
    i hope you all get well again as fast as possible
    lg birgit



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