Friday, 5 February 2016

things I like lately

pussy willow galore from my 2010 archives

- Amanda's new project Homesong (I love her Instagram too)
- this new to me food blog: Familiemat (family food)
- the idea of daily habits for happiness
- rhubarb strawberry crumble with homemade ice cream (I use this brilliant recipe)
- homemade bread
- carnival costumes from IKEA - I got the eagle (my favourite) and the bat
- Sverre has started to take keen interest in the food we eat
- plans of baking cardamom buns on Sunday because of fastelavn
- mixed nuts and banana (plus the usual sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon) on my morning oatmeal porridge
- the first pussy willow buds and snowbells (not in our garden yet though) of the season
- mornings and afternoons are getting brighter
- seeing how Sara's drawing skills evolves
- chocolate mousse
- successfully transferring a sleeping Sverre from boob to bed - it always feels like such a victory!
- this interview with one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Boyle of Reading my tealeaves
- habit shift: cloth napkins (we use these kitchen towels as cloth napkins - to get them a little less wrinkly without ironing them, I air dry them instead of tumble dry them)
- differences between British and American English
- successfully getting Sara's pacifiers from the pacifier tree just in time before they cut it down (because of complaints that plastic does not belong in nature plus they make a mess) - and just in time to get my fifteen minutes of fame via NRK Rogaland and TV Vest (fun yet a bit embarrassing - I feel much more comfortable behind the camera as the journalist)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- a sore throat
- ice glazed roads and forgetting my brodder (I have no idea what this is called in English) at home


  1. I think the Brodder is called snow shoes or an ice cleat in English but they aren't something many people would have as we British like to be totally unprepared for snow every year. Just so it can all be a big drama for 24 hours!

  2. so funny film although I don´t understand anything :0)
    nice to see you "alive"

    have a nice weekend,


  3. Nice to see you IRL by the lake :-) Brodder is crampons in French and English. We use them in Québec (Canada) as sidewalks and trails could be icy.


  4. i have brodder too from this big coffee roaster
    but they are not very assuring
    which brand do you use ???



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