Wednesday, 24 February 2016

life, week 7

8 below, sunny and clear skies // Sara is poorly and is staying home from kindergarten // Monday morning contrasts

Her baby brother chatted too loudly, so she escaped to her room and shut the door. I see the beginning of an era of siblings (unconsciously) tormenting each other...

kitchen sun stripe 

fleeting shadows // short lived beauties 

five months of being a mother of two today // February 15

quite intrigued by his new (hand me down) seat and toy 

Big sister had to come home from kindergarten due to a bad cough (she seemed fine this morning), and he is so happy to see her. In fact he would rather look at her than nurse.

tommel opp for Mammutsalg // yay for books on sale

Wednesday afternoon: We were supposed to be on our way to Voss and Bergen for a little winter break, instead we are home crossing our fingers that Sara's fever and cough will go away as soon as possible so we can have that winter break anyway. She coughs so hard she vomits, poor thing! Sverre on the other hand is happy and easygoing, bless him!

A bad photo of a scrumptious dinner - because I want to remember the feeling of being served this after a long bed time battle with Sverre.

Bergen and Voss bound // first roadtrip as a family of four

on the ferry // Sverre was too busy looking up through the window to nurse // Sara had not yet vomited from coughing (that she did during our brief stop in Bergen) // Sølve was on the phone working // I was happy that the road trip was going so well so far // in fact it was a very good first road trip as a family of four - even though Sverre made it perfectly clear during the last hour of driving that he was not at all interested in being in the car anymore

my men 

Good morning, Voss! I greet you with mugs of strong coffee and a baby who is very excited to see you.

So far his visit to Voss has given him a big appetite for porridge and bit of his sister's cough. Also, no poop - and all parents know how cranky a baby gets when that happens. Well, who doesn't?

My first (!) time making waffles - and not the last. A waffle iron is officially on my wish list! 

Åsly // treasures

reunited at last // Singapore pepper crab aftermath 

nursing view // plus the sound of heavy rain and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with the early bird children

happy to be back at our friends' gorgeous house

It seems like both him and I have caught whatever cough cold thing Sara has. I'm off to dreamland whilst listening to my friends continuing dinner downstairs. Fingers crossed for hours of uninterrupted sleep.

brunch for nine plus two babies

They are 2,5 months apart and so happy to see each other. Fingers crossed they will be best buddies. 

home bound // drittvær

perfect post road trip Sunday dinner // Chinese take out for the win

- - -

Week 7: February 15-21

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  1. Har akkurat kjøpt inn Animalium til lillesøstra mi, men vurderer å beholde den selv. Haha! Så utrolig fin bok :D



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