Monday, 15 February 2016

life, week 6

restefest // leftovers for dinner

watching his big sister paint // he is easily entertained

My mother-in-law turned 70, so I bought her 70 tulips.

I ate the whole thing by myself // I blame Molly and Matthew 

So thankful for my mamma who came to help with the little ones this evening whilst Sølve is working late. In return she got homemade fish gratin for dinner.

Mr Polar bear got to join us for the dinner and play date with Sara's kindergarten buddy K. He was fast forgotten in favour of the lightsabers though.

this weather and the #nofilter colors

because the weather and the fact that afternoons are getting brighter

checking to see if Sara's book is any good

Normally he falls asleep the moment we walk out of our driveway and he might still sleep for a while after we have returned home. Today he woke up half way around the lake. I wonder why. Motherhood is so full of "I wonder why", especially with babies. 

frozen // trapped

She kept asking me what kind of animals live in the sea. We agreed that sea animals include fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, crabs, sea stars, turtles. And a piece of garbage. Can you see them? My favorite is the dolphin in the upper right corner. 

Saturday afternoon beach frolicking

Why walk when you can run? Always!

the endless sandpit provides endless fun

moments later my little beach baby fell asleep

the winter beach is cold, but oh so beautiful

she made me a mother // happy mother's day fellow mammas!

the baby feeding team 

- - -

Week 6: February 8-14

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