Sunday, 14 February 2016

life, week 5

balance // because IKEA happened

Trying to embrace the whole "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing" thing. At least it makes Sverre nap well. #astridspramwalkdiaries

the bat and the eagle // IKEA costumes ftw

no-knead bread fail // I wonder why this happened

post play group melon leftovers - trying not to go for the chocolate every time // but there is coffee, always

February 3 // from one day...

Pram walk mission: bring Sara's pacifiers home before they cut down the tree (as announced in the local newspaper online last night). Mission accomplished - just in time! Walked straight into both local TV channels who were there to document the end of the pacifier tree and accepted their request to interview me. My fifteen minutes of fame (ha!) is available here and here. #astridspramwalkdiaries (Planning to put Sara's pacifiers on a tree by the mountain cabin.)

8 am living room window view // the snow is back // I think it's time to take down the outdoor fairy lights now, don't you? How long is it appropriate to have them up anyway?

Thursday lunch: homemade bread with 1) pesto, salami, brie and red bell pepper, and 2) strawberry jam. Kiwi, carrot sticks and homemade hummus. Green juice with a little bit of everything: kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, carrot, red apple, lime and ginger. Not pictured: a batch of freshly made chocolate mousse waiting to be devoured. Aiming for a well balanced diet plus #keepingitreal because Sverre woke me up at 6 am, which does not happen very often, and I have a sore throat. the next // February 4

big baby milestone: we have started with solids (and he has the poop to prove it!)

because the light

the icing on my Friday // the worst walking conditions - happy to get some fresh air though #astridspramwalkdiaries

He did not object to his big sister's shenanigans. 

bath time by candlelight // some kind of electrical emergency at the neighbors' and they had to cut our power for an hour

Motherhood can be pretty intense, for example when your daughter decides to cut off all her hair during a play date. "It was too long, mamma!" Well, not anymore, darling daughter...

Sunday brunch and short hair // the result after I tried to repair the damage

Helping pappa grind the meat for the hamburger patties. Not happy about the noise it makes.  

splendid Sunday burger bonanza 

- - -

Week 5: February 1-7


  1. Sara made my day. :))
    The picture of poor Sverre, disguised by his big sister and the picture of the unique self-hair-cut of Sara - Sara you are the best creator.

  2. Astrid.
    Det er så fint å sjå desse kvardagsbilda dine. Du er god på å få gjort så mykje! -så fine dei er Sara og Sverre!
    Var nett inne å såg på blurb bøkene dine, du inspirerar meg. Huska at eg las ein stad at du hadde laga ei bok frå barna sin fyrste mnd heima? -det var ein så god ide. Det er jo så mykje i desse dagane, alt det nye som også skal få sin plass.

    Takk for at du delar.

    Smil frå Elisabeth

    ps: ang brødet, så trur eg at du har hatt deigen for tidleg i. Det er viktig at jerngryta er 250 grander, fordi det er i nedslaget at brødet får skorpe på bunnen, at den ikkje limer seg. Dette er iallefall mi erfaring.



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