Wednesday, 3 February 2016

life, week 4

such a contrast to last week // ten below vs ten above // #astridspramwalkdiaries

Trying to scare away the sweets craving with a green lunch. Avocado topped with chilli flakes, sesame seeds and sea salt on homemade no-knead oat bread, a diced kiwi and two fresh dates for dessert.

Looks like the days of the baby activity gym are coming to an end.

Continuing my quest to scare away the sugar craving monster with this lunch of homemade oat bread with avocado topped with sesame seeds, chilli and sea salt (like yesterday) plus Philadelphia cheese with salami and cucumber, diced kiwi, blue grapes and fresh dates.

Looking rather surprised about his fresh rolling over skills.

before 9 am // mornings are getting brighter

We were getting ready for a little pram walk around the lake; Sverre was already in the pram - screaming his lungs out. Yet I just had to take a moment and document this light. Because light like this can make my day. 

typical west coast winter

trying to get into the habit of going for a pram walk every day // this week is very good so far #astridspramwalkdiaries

plus quinoa, feta and lørdagspølse (sausage) from the local butcher

Tor the storm is coming // apparently it's Jonas leftovers 

excited to find Tuscan kale in the store today // who gets excited about kale anyway? #foodnerd

I could tell you a lot about this little guy's lacking ability to nap and fall asleep today, but I won't. Instead I'll say: yay it's Friday!

trying to keep our skating skills fresh

A bad photo of a dinner and a weekend I want to remember. That béarnaise sauce was the best I have ever had! Sauce master K's trick: cayenne. 

- - -

Week 4: January 25-31

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  1. oh yes i love kale and we have it almost every week in winter
    and i detected frozen kale in bio quality
    and now i hope there will be much more kale on hand
    lg birgit



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