Wednesday, 17 February 2016

a few 2015 favorites: September

In September Sverre was born and I became a mother of two beautiful children, I had a hard time adjusting to sleepless nights, tried to nap whenever Sverre napped, started #astridspramwalkdiaries, shared things I like lately - new mother version, was proud to see Sara learn to bike and write her name, saw the first sighs of autumn, shared a week of dinners, took a photo an hour on the day Sverre was one week old, watched Sara and Sølve plant plenty of flower bulbs for spring, shared thoughts on  organising photos (of my children) and DIY daybed 1 and 2.

Everyday stories: life, week 36 // life, week 37 // life, week 38 - the most life changing week of 2015 // life, week 39

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