Tuesday, 16 February 2016

a few 2015 favorites: July

In July we finished painting our house, drove a total of 2200 km for our two weeks summer holiday around Norway, had the best cinnamon bun ever from Bakeriet in Lom, visited Bergen for the first time since our move - it got emotional, visited Dyreparken with Sara for the first time, made rhubarb strawberry crumble for the first time, spent good times with our friends at cabins in Ombo, Mandal and Hvaler, spent a weekend at the mountain cabin, ate a lot of coleslaw, grilled fresh corn on the cob and grilled dinners in general, got seriously hooked on mango juice, hiked and grilled sausages on a campfire in the rain, started the process of turning the very messy room into Sverre's nursery and finally enjoyed some proper summer temperatures.

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