Friday, 15 January 2016

things I like lately

Easter at the mountain cabin, 2013 (Sara was 2,5 years old) // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- Sverre is four months old today!
- all the great tips on how to cook white fish shared in the comments on this post as well as on this photo on Instagram - thank you so much, guys! Can't wait to start cooking!
- 14 genuine tips for living in a small space (I love Erin's blog Reading My Tea Leaves - her book is high on my wishlist)
- en Volvo 240 sedan-fundamentalist
- 45 on 45
- the feeling when both kids finally are sleeping after a long and unpleasant (crying and raised voices) bedtime process
- late night snow fall; knowing that Sara will be super excited in the morning - she has been asking for snow for weeks
- watching the snow fall outside our windows and the garden turn all white
- the sound of snow underneath my feet
- seeing the proud look on Sara's face when she managed to ski down a small hill all by herself without falling
- the smell of freshly baked bread - I have finally gotten into the swing of making no-knead bread again
- prioritising time to read the current issue of D2 - before a new one gets published (D2 is a weekly supplement to the financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv). I have a huge stack of back issues waiting to be read...
- D2's Tarantino playlist
- snacking on fresh dates, as an attempt to find more healthy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth
- star watching with Sara - she wondered why they are just like dots and not like the stars we typically draw
- making Sverre laugh
- seeing Sara make Sverre laugh
- going out skiing and tobogganing with Sara a little too close to bedtime - because we have to make the most of the snow when we finally have it
- Sverre slept from 11 pm till 8 am! (hello engorged boobs!)
- 7 opfriskere
- verdens mødre
- a quick-fire guide to better iPhone photography
- Julia's ability to see the positive side of life

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- bedtime battles with the four year old
- dry hands due to the winter weather - they need constant moisturising

- - -

Answers to questions in the comments

- Teresa Leonor asked which recipe I use for my no-knead bread.
I follow Ina/Mat på bordet's instructions - the video is very handy. She has lots of recipes too.


  1. thank you for answering :) have a nice weekend!

  2. ;-) I hope I keep on with my project this year.
    PS: That's such a sweet picture of Sara!

  3. Happy 4th Month of Sverre!
    We`ve got snow too. It started snowing last night and both me an Alex are so, so happy. I love winter and I`ve missed the frost. They predict snowy days and temperature below zero in the next 2 weeks. Yeh!



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