Friday, 8 January 2016

things I like lately

my little fern picker // December 2015

- Sara feeding her one year old cousin porridge - they were equally eager about the task and it was, of course, super adorable
- hearing Sara's Skype conversation with her cousins in Australia
- catching glimpses of the full moon in between heavy rain and hail showers
- a pink sunrise
- the look on Sverre's face when he wakes up from a nap on my lap
- hearing how chatty Sverre has become
- observing Sverre play on the activity gym - he has started grabbing the toys now
- first (tiny bit of) snow - finally! (it was gone the next day)
- seeing how much Sara LOVES playing with her friends N and K from Bergen
- seeing how much Sverre loves being carried facing forward in the Baby Björn carrier (I've been using it a lot around the house lately when Sverre is grumpy and doesn't want to play on the activity gym)
- pancakes for breakfast two days in a row - on Sara's request. I happily oblige, especially since we had house guests.
- fire in the wood stove, red wine, magazine reading and backgammon playing with house guests on a very stormy evening (the kids were watching Netflix in the basement living room)
- freshly cut fringe, by yours truly - I'm starting to get the hang of it now
- that moment when I'm seated for dinner and both Sara and Sølve are busy taking photos instead of having dinner - I wonder where they get it from?
- getting back to everyday life after the Christmas holiday
- wearing wool johns instead of pants at home
- watching food and health related documentaries (with a healthy dose of scepticism)
- green juices - feels extra good after the indulgent Christmas holiday
- a lunch salad of quinoa, canned tuna (I use the Ortiz brand (Raminez is good too) - a souvenir from our summer holiday at Mallorca - they are so much cheaper there than here in Norway), cucumber, celery stalk, fresh ground pepper and lemon juice
- a week of below zero temperatures
- keeping the fire in the wood stove going all day during those cold days - made me feel like being at the mountain cabin
- booking a house in Denmark for our summer holiday with our friends (we'll be six adults and seven kids)
- a new photo project for the new year (will tell you about it soon)
- working on my 2015 Blurb photo book (more about my books)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sølve is in Oslo for work this weekend and I'm home alone with the two little ones - so thankful for help from their grandparents though!

- - -

Answers to questions in the comments

- Anne asked on this post where the tea cup is from.
It is from the Norwegian ceramics company Acanthus which no longer exists.

- Irene asked on the same post which Baby Björn carrier I use.
I use the same one I used for Sara, which I believe is this one. I have an Ergo carrier too, which I find more comfortable when the baby gets older/bigger.

- Hilde vil ha tips om fremkalling av digitale bilder.
Jeg har i det siste benyttet Elite foto (bestiller via nett og henter i butikk). Er godt fornøyd, spesielt med bildene som er trykket på matt papir. Anbefales!

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  1. What a list – sounds like a quite positive start for 2016.
    And burning fire in the stove sounds so good and makes me wish we had a fireplace...



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