Monday, 25 January 2016

Sverre's first visit to the mountain cabin

As mentioned on Friday, we were set for Sverre's first visit to the mountain cabin this weekend. Luckily the temperature was just right to have Sverre in the pulk. He slept the whole time, so I think we can call his pulk debut successful. He also seemed to be happy at the cabin - I know Sara was.

My in-laws skied to the cabin Friday afternoon in order to get it well heated for the kids' arrival on Saturday. It was minus five degrees Celsius when they got there! Saturday night it was plus 25 and we had to open the windows for fresh air. The wood stove works very well indeed.

By the way, Our last visit to the cabin was last summer when I was 32 weeks pregnant.


  1. That´s adorable! May I ask a question: how far is the mountain cabin away from "civilisation"? Must be kind of a lot work to haul everything up there...

  2. I love snow. However, now it's snowing badly here :(



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