Tuesday, 5 January 2016

life, week 53

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts @jujudo123. They are all simply perfect!

Sverre was still asleep when she woke us. I tried to convince her that it was not yet morning - and I failed. But then this view greeted us and it was all worth it.

The three months age difference is quite noticeable now, but it will even out as time goes by. We are hoping they will be best buddies. 

got to hang with my favorite dog today #shibalove

she loves Hama too #shibalove

Fresh air and easy exercise are essential in-between all the yummy Christmas food.

And then we eat some more. Ha!

Saying hei to the pacifiers she left on the pacifier tree in September. She is doing very well without them, but seems to miss them when she is very tired. 

They are in good company. 

Even the lightest dusting of snow can be fun. She made a ball and threw it on me - with the happiest grin only a four year old can have.

pancakes for seven and a sleepy baby

...and then he fell asleep while I flipped the pancakes

I'm lucky to have a husband - and other male friends - who love cooking. I haven't made a single dinner during Christmas. 

9 am drawing session // they play so well together, despite the age difference

The victory of transferring a sleeping baby from boob to bed, and then getting an unexpected and much needed nap. Mamma bliss!

Passing time on New Year's Eve showing off her writing skills to our friend J. He was easily impressed. 

Part three of five of our New Year's Eve dinner. The kids were happy with tacos and homemade pizza.

She eagerly yet tired watched the fireworks with her equally tired little friends. Sverre on the other hand slept through the whole (loud) thing, bless him. // Happy New Year, friends!

january 1 beach frolicking // best start to the new year

Weekend agenda: • pack away Christmas • do laundry - including lots of sheets from house guests • tidy all clutter • clean the house • change our sheets • take stock of our fridge and freezer • make a dinner menu for the upcoming week • get stuck nursing • watch Downton Abbey with Sølve after the kids have fallen asleep

But first coffee!

They stopped by on their way home to Bergen. Sara was over the moon happy for another chance to play with her friends N and K. The adults were happy to do more summer holiday planning face to face (instead of through hundreds of emails). 

January 3, 10:20 am

And then ten minutes later. Oh light I love thee!

A little break in the sun on its way to the final resting place - winter cover for our flower beds.

hellebore meets winter sun // I later learnt that this spot was too sunny, so had to move it.

A hard day of parenting is finally coming to an end. I'm glad there was a walk and plenty of fresh air in there (such freezing cold wind!), but other than that it was a pretty miserable outing. Our poor little four year old did not have her best day today.

...but she was very fascinated by the icicles by the lake. Perfect distraction from her terrible mood.

The Christmas tree and decorations are gone, but we are keeping the outdoor fairy lights a while longer.

homemade pizza for the freezer // it always takes more time than he remembers, but it is always worth it

- - -

Week 53: December 28, 2015 - January 3, 2016


  1. Which Babybjörn Carrier do you use, Astrid?

  2. Hi Astrid,

    i love to look at your photos, far away from Germany. And i love the tea cup in the photo above. Could you tell me the manufacturer of it?

    Best regards from Bielefeld

  3. Hei Astrid!

    Jeg lurer på om du har noe godt tips til fremkalling av digitale bilder? Jeg har prøvd litt forskjellig, blant annet å bestille fra Apple, men er alltid skuffet over resultatet. Selv om bildene er tatt mer speilreflekskamera, har det ferdige resultatet ofte dårlig oppløsning, og bildene er så glansede.


  4. Veldig koselig oppdatering, Astrid! Elsker å se de stemningsfulle bildene dine:) M

  5. Du er så god til å ta hverdagsbilder, forbilledlig :) og for noen nydelige barn du har!

  6. Aww, you're welcome! :-)
    Have a lovely start into the new year!



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