Monday, 4 January 2016

life, week 52

first coffee in bed since I don't know when + slept until 9:40 am = mamma bliss

a good mail day // gotta love Christmas card season

 full moon rising // in-between heavy rain and hail showers

Christmas morning Skype-ing // hugging her cousins in Australia

Christmas Eve, 4 pm: the rain is pouring and the wind is howling, there is a blazing fire in the wood stove, Sverre is sleeping on my lap and I have a bowl of chocolate right in front of me. Sara is in church with her grandparents and Sølve is making dinner. All is well in the Mykletun home. Hope you are well too. Merry Christmas, friends!

Santa came!

fresh air for all // Løveungen fikk også være med på tur

We told her we were going to make a campfire whilst out walking. She immediately requested sausages on a stick, because that's what campfires are for. A campfire should be mandatory on all hikes, even the little ones in your grandparents' backyard forrest. 

Why sleep snug as a bug in the warmth of the pram when you can rather check out what this forrest walk, campfire thing is all about.

Sara wanted to see photos of her mamma being a baby, so her grandpa dug out the old slides. // So thankful for all these beautiful slide film shots from me and my sister's childhoods.

first snow - finally!

She borrowed her grandpa's camera and had a blast until the memory card was full. She even decorated it with a couple of stickers.

- - -

Week 52: December 21-27


  1. Herlig med liten kamera jente. Hun slekter vel på sin mor, som er så flink å ta bilder. Godt nytt år, kjære dere, er så hyggelig å "følge med"!

  2. Astrid, this is a wonderful blog, I love reading it and seeing pictures of you and your family! I also want to thank you VERY much for the Christmas card of your sweet family. I am going to send one to you too, I have not gotten the chance but I promise I will this week. It will be late, but better late than not at all. I told our kids the story of how you and I met, and they were so interested! We talked about it a lot, and they thought it was so neat. I do too. :) Take care and Happy New Year! Your children look so charming and beautiful. Isn't motherhood the best ever??!



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