Tuesday, 26 January 2016

life, week 3

after the snowfall // Monday evening snowman making

we are back to 8 below and gorgeous sun // winter at its best

frozen // the iceskates are ready for action #astridspramwalkdiaries

this makes me happy

frozen // so pretty

first time in more than 20 years // with the pram as my training wheels

Go faster, mamma! // making childhood memories

Pappa goes faster than you, mamma!

happy shaky feet // look down 

post kindergarten iceskating // making the most of these wonderful winter days

Take our picture, mamma! // post iceskating happiness // not pictured: a screaming Sverre in the pram

The easy choice is to drive straight home after kindergarten pick-up and let her watch Netflix on the iPad whilst I make dinner with Sverre in the carrier. When the lake offers ice-skating opportunities, the easy choice is no longer an option. We have to make the most of it - and it's so worth it! Even with a screaming baby and a worn out kid who doesn't want to walk home (I bribed her with the promise of an ice cream when we got home). #makingchildhoodmemories  

Why use a pacifier when a toy does the same trick?

green pancakes for supper - Sara loved them // how to trick your kid into eating spinach // used this recipe

fourth morning in a row that he wakes up at 6:30 am // the predicted mild weather is here

RIP mr Snowman

Friday lunch with grandma 

belly full of mamma's milk and bundled up ready for his pulk debut // Sverre's first visit to the mountain cabin

- - -

Week 3: January 18-24


  1. so beautiful pictures !

    mogłabys poklikac w linki w tym poscie ? Będę bardzo wdzięczna :) by-vanys.blogspot.com

    Pozrawiam ♥

  2. Oh my, you are making me long for snow! Sadly, I don't think I'll be seeing much of it this year in warm, rainy Washington.



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