Thursday, 21 January 2016

life, week 2

Working on new tricks for his upcoming four months birthday.

staring contest // Sverre cheated by knocking over the giraffe 

snow falling, baby napping, the smell of freshly baked bread filling my home // now if I could only manage to transfer the sleeping baby from boob to bed so I can have some of that delicious bread for lunch

We have just entered the phase when sitting on my lap examining a toy is an acceptable way to pass time.

pre bedtime skiing // because finally snow

Trying to get Sverre to fall asleep again in the pram whilst soaking in that winter light. I failed. 

making Sverre laugh

sleep vs ski

Friday 9 am 

The view from my corner of the sofa as I contemplate my next move: another cup of coffee or fold the laundry...

four months old today // January 15 

I desperately needed to satisfy my sweet tooth so I ate Sara's angel chocolates (thanks Lorena!). To my defence she is no big fan of chocolate (!) 

These beauties kickstarted tulip season in our home. Thank you, aunt K!

Friday afternoon // sleep vs constant chatting

Still asleep after I moved him from my lap to the sofa - yay! - yet I sit there admiring him instead of tackling the chores. 

Let it snow!

You know me, it's all about...

...the light! // woke up to -10 c this morning and I'm loving it

He bought (ridiculously expensive) exotic fruits. We didn't like either of them.

Sunday afternoon tobogganing 

- with a view!

- - - 

Week 2: January 11-17

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