Monday, 11 January 2016

life, week 1

planleggingsdag // kindergarten is closed for planning today, so I had lunch in the (indoor) sun with my darling Sara girl

nap // done

his daytime hang out spot 

I'm so happy to see that she takes interest in photography. I might post some of the results too.

Bright, cold winter days for the win!

stuck under a sleeping baby watching That Vitamin Movie documentary - it is available to watch for free until January 14 via (found via @luisegreenkitchenstories)

play time // time out 

January 7, 9 am, 5 degrees below // took a moment to take in this winter sky and the moon sliver in the morning rush of getting Sara to kindergarten in time for bath/swim hour


a new favorite lunch salad of quinoa, canned tuna, cucumber, celery stalk, canned corn, fresh ground pepper and lemon juice

of course the balance bike needs band-aids too // even though she knows how to bike, she still has tons of fun with the balance bike - and it is easier to bring when I have the pram too

I finally baked again! Haven't done it in over a year. Big fan of no-knead bread!

bedroom view, Saturday 11 pm // I predict garden skiing with miss S tomorrow

Sunday morning // thank you so much for the lovely gifts @lorenaarance - the clothes are perfect size for my big baby boy

She was beyond excited about the snow and finally getting a chance to ski again.

pattern of winter happiness

She missed her pappa when he was away for work all weekend. Then he was home again and everything was alright. 

- - -

Week 1: January 4-10

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  1. which recipe did you use for your bread, if you don't mind sharing? :) i had a not very good first attempt with a no knead bread and i want to try again!



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