Friday, 18 December 2015

things I like lately

The White Christmas of 2009 // photos from the green Christmas (tree hunt) at the bottom of this post

- i høst har jeg tatt grep om hva jeg putter i meg - I need to do this too!
- Carol of the bells and the memory of singing it back when I was a choir girl
- I cleaned our silverware using this/this simple method  - glad it worked because I have been dreading the time consuming task of cleaning with this special polishing cream stuff
- Jana's Christmas cookie pop-up blog
- filmBIB (film library) (via Caroline)
- Sverre just turned three months and gets more adorable every day
- my copy of Kinfolk Home has arrived and it's truly beautiful
- a day spent in the woods hunting for the perfect Christmas tree
- the fact that Sverre enjoyed being in the Baby Björn carrier - and fell asleep - during said hunt
- drinking hot blackcurrant toddy in said woods whilst watching the fog roll in
- Christmas marzipan
- Ine/Kjøkkentjeneste'd recipe for saffron buns (and other sweet baked goods) - it makes the most fluffy, delicious treats you can ever imagine
- Sverre fell asleep at 8:30 pm the other night - his earliest bedtime so far
- another night he slept from 9 pm till 6:30 am - 9,5 hours straight! I'm really liking this new trend! (Now I probably jinxed it for saying it out loud...)
- finally sent our Christmas cards today - feels good to have that checked off my to do list
- my sister, her sweetheart and toddler son are in town for their Christmas holiday - can't wait to hang out with them tonight!
- seeing how excited Sara was to decorate our Christmas tree
- one day of frost and below zero temperatures - the next day it was warm again
- meeting my colleagues for Christmas lunch at school today

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the speed at which Sverre's finger nails are growing - they need cutting at least once a week
- the busyness of preparing Sverre's (low key) baptism right before Christmas
- 10 degrees Celsius in December - it doesn't feel like winter at all

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  1. hei! so happy you're liking the cookie advent calendar. i hope you find some time to bake :) happy holidays to your beautiful family!! <3



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