Tuesday, 22 December 2015

life, week 51

less is bore // Today's advent calendar activity: decorating the ginger bread cookies that she made with grandma yesterday (which was yesterday's activity) // As it turns out, she loves gingerbread cookies but didn't like any of the decor. She did have a blast decorating them though. Maybe we'll have to bake another batch of gingerbread cookies?

finally frost // part of a photo an hour

When I told her I had bought her a nice dress for Christmas, she replied, rather strict, that she didn't want it. She wants to wear a shirt, like boys do when they dress up. But then when she saw the dress she excitedly exclaimed: "It's a princess dress!" She tried it on and started twirling and dancing. 

Ready for the annual nissefest (Santa party) in kindergarten.

An unexpected chance to do some daytime Christmas shopping together in the city centre - so much more pleasant than a shopping mall. Also thankful that we got it all done and got back to the car before the massive rain shower.

That moment when you baby has just fallen asleep whilst nursing and you have to put him in the car seat to pick up his big sister in kindergarten.

Christmas tree, 2015 version 

all together and happy // aunt @marihagen and cousin S are the best

He was such a champion during his baptism - no tears, just smiles, stares and sleep.

- - -

Week 51: December 14-20

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  1. Vilka julmysiga bilder :) Jag önskar dig ett Riktigt Gott Nytt År och God fortsättning!

    Idag visar jag mitt nya kök på bloggen:)

    LOVE Maria



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