Wednesday, 16 December 2015

life, week 50

that light // moments later it was gone

Finally! First walk in nearly a month (!) So. Much. Needed. What have I been doing all this time, except nursing and watching Netflix? #astridspramwalkdiaries

milestone: she now manages to make speed on the swing by herself - and she is so proud!

what evenings look like these days // plus lots of nursing of course

I love this time of the day, when the morning light breaks through the darkness of the night.

peek bloom // won't last til Christmas

Just woke up from an hour unexpected morning nap. Today will be a good day.

blending in // fresh air and exercise make wonders // #astridspramwalkdiaries

makes my mornings a little brighter // and evenings and all the rest of the day // how to fight the December darkness

December 10, 9 am, 10 C and windy

morning kindergarten Lucia procession, complete with coffee and saffron buns

siesta in the Siesta

where he had his breakfast and other random bedroom clutter

Friday advent calendar activity: make saffron buns with grandma (using this yummy recipe)

Successfully - but so close to disaster - changed a poop diaper with Sverre on my lap in the car with pouring rain outside. Now some nursing and then to cut down our Christmas tree. Mamma skills ftw!

The Mykletun men are very serious about the Christmas tree hunt business.

Christmas trees, old fruit trees, fog and sun - all so good, if you ask me.

So much to see! And then he fell asleep. 

the prize

The 2015 Christmas tree hunt was completed with homemade saffron buns and hot blackcurrant toddy.

nursing view: advent calendar in winter sunshine + Sara and Sølve making brunch

She helped herself to cashew nuts and blueberries and proclaimed she was a bear.

She was so happy to play doctor with him. He had no other choice than to play along - and he didn't mind.

the willing patient // and a melting mamma heart 

Playing is exhausting! For the first time ever he fell asleep on the activity gym - twice! Didn't sleep long though.

- - -

Week 50: December 7-13

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