Monday, 7 December 2015

life, week 49

Monday 5 pm 

December 1 advent calendar activity: paint hearts for a heart garland 

Wednesday 4 pm // traffic, dark, wet, tired, sick // glad there is ice cream in the freezer at home

"It's not good for you, but you deserve it." // I love you too, dear husband.

Glad to see how eager she is to check the advent calendar every morning. Seems like our activity calendar is a hit.

Friday feline feeding duty

hearts garland and clutter // wanted: a magic formula that teaches my daughter to keep her room tidy and organised 

new in: a festive pillow to make our living room a little more Christmasy  

I *heart* hanging out with this little guy

- - -

Week 49: November 30 - December 6

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  1. re: Sara and her room. I recommend considering her habit 'tendency': It helped my daughter.



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