Thursday, 3 December 2015

life, week 48

a freshly made cookie a day keeps the bad bugs away // de er sykt gode @hannemeg!

Rushed Sara off to kindergarten, nervous about the potential slippery roads. Luckily it all went well and Sara got there in time for them all to get ready to go see a theatre performance of Kardemommeby.

a day that never got bright // oh November

first night sleeping away from home // wish I was more relaxed about it // oh the comfort of my own home

Nursing spot view. Plus the smell of bacon.

Sleeping baby on my lap view. Post bacon.

The kind of evening we all love; the best food, wine and good talks. Plus the first playing of Händel's Messiah of the season.

such a happy little morning baby // totally in love with the dimple on his left cheek

windy and cold, but oh so refreshing

[Insert funny caption about dinosaur in bathroom cupboard. The ex-copywriter has lost her mojo.]

Sunday evening family home cinema time looks something like this. (We saw Minions. It was fun, but the Despicable Me movies are better.) 

- - -

Week 48: November 23-29

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  1. Herlighet så skjønn han er! For et herlig smilebilde <3
    Ønsker deg og dine en deilig helg!



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