Monday, 21 December 2015

a photo an hour

A photo an hour (or so) on Tuesday December 15 - the day baby Sverre turned 3 months old.

8 am: Not so early start, which was pleasant, but it was a busy start getting Sara to kindergarten and Sølve to work.

9 am, part 1: Stopped by the post office to send a couple of Christmas gifts. Luckily there was no line. (These days before Christmas the line is normally super long.) Sverre fell asleep in the car, like he normally does during our morning drop off ride.

9 am, part 2: Took a moment to enjoy the frosty garden and morning blues before making breakfast and nursing.

10 am: So happy and chatty after nursing! Also: watching a very mediocre Christmas film; Twelve Dates of Christmas. Don't bother watching it.

11 am: As part of the preparation for Sverre's baptism on Sunday (Dec 20), I decided that our silverware needed a proper cleaning (using this/this simple method). Surprisingly Sverre fell asleep on the activity gym - it only lasted five minutes though.

Noon: Baby lunch time and nursing view - such a beautiful day! Should go out for a stroll, but not sure it will be time to prioritise it.

1 pm: Time to sort out the Christmas cards!

2 pm: Sara has decorated her bedroom mirror for Christmas.

3 pm: I love watching him play on the activity gym. I don't do it a lot though; it's so convenient to get things done around the house whilst he plays.

4 pm: Once more taking a moment to enjoy magic of the blue hour.

5 pm: Waiting for Sølve outside his office. Sara quietly sings Christmas carols whilst Sverre screams his lungs out...

6 pm: Grandiosa frozen pizza with extra ham and cheese for dinner. Keeping it real.

7 pm: So excited to decorate the tree!

8 pm: Rather suddenly Sverre has become ready for a much earlier bedtime. He used to fall asleep around 11 pm - now he is normally asleep at 9-ish.

9:30 pm: They saved a few decorations for me. This one is a favorite - made by my ceramicist friend Fia.

10:30 pm: He is actually more into decorating the house for Christmas than me.

11 pm: Now that Sverre falls asleep a little earlier than before, I tend to get to bed a little too late. I get too caught up in the freedom of not nursing all evening.

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  1. Again - a lovely collection of daily life. And the sweet pictures of Sara (her smile!) and Sverre (his smile!) are the the icing on the cake. *love*



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