Friday, 27 November 2015

things I like lately

Speaking of disco balls; how about a disco dog? Photo taken for the Artist Diner project // Kodak Portra 400c, Minolta SRT 101

- en måned, to uker og en dag (via Draumfarir)
- this Swedish home
- this makes me want a disco ball
- a clutter-free advent calendar - we are planning a similar type advent calendar for Sara; activities, not things (Sorry! I just lied. She will be getting things too. Her grandfather already got her a Lego calendar. So, twice the fun this year then!)
- dagen vår - love posts like this! (here are some similar posts from my archives)
- a Saturday spent with a group of our closest friends and their kids; playing, chatting, cooking and eating
- homemade vanilla ice cream (using this recipe - no ice cream machine required) and rhubarb (from my mom's garden; frozen during summer) strawberry crumble
- the first day of below zero temperatures; six below and not a cloud in sight - such a gorgeous day
- meeting our friends' four months old baby (we haven't seen her since she was newborn) - she was all smiles and happiness
- freshly made liver pâté from the local butcher (Idsøe) - on ciabatta, with crispy bacon and cucumber on top
- checking things off my to do list whilst Sverre naps - it's all about clutter management - which I find highly satisfying
- clearing out my outerwear closet and donating several winter jackets to Fretex (The Salvation Army's second hand outlet)
- a little meet up with seven new baby friends (all lined up on my living room floor) and their mothers
- a freshly made chocolate chip cookie for lunch dessert every day - because it's just the right remedy for all the November rain
- seeing all the Thanksgiving happiness on my Instagram feed
- a visit to work to let my colleagues meet Sverre - it was so nice meeting them again, yet I'm so grateful for maternity leave
- Sverre eats well - he's already 6,8 kg! No skimmed milk in my boobies!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- have not been out walking this week
- after that one gorgeous sub-zero (Celsius) day, the weather turned to its usual wet, grey state again

- - -

Answers to questions in the comments

Sylvia asked on this post where I got my hanging fruit baskets. I bought them at Åhlens.

Beth asked about the pacifier tree on this post. I don't know how it started, but it is basically a tree by the lake (a popular running/walking route) where toddlers/kids hang their pacifiers when they have quit using them.

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