Friday, 20 November 2015

things I like lately

lamb shanks from the archives // Fuji Provia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

- an early dinner saved the witching hour
- this little video
- 10 ting som gir ro i kropp og sjel
- that Sverre's epic poop diaper came in the early evening while we were still awake instead of during night
- Mariell's advent magazine - this girl never stop impressing me with her talent and ability to get things done!
- Ingvild's Christmas inspiration Pinterest board 
- I love my type (via Marthe)
- these posters (also via Marthe)
- a reportage on ultra running in today's Ekko on P2
- seeing how happy Sara was to be back in kindergarten today after two days at home being sick
- an afternoon trip to the beach
- breathtaking sunset light on said beach (as seen in this post)
- a visit from my dear friend Hanne from Bergen - it was so, so nice to catch up over (small) glasses of champagne and (big bowls of) chocolate
- Hanne brought the best baby gift; a beautiful wall decoration by Shanna Murray plus homemade chocolate chip cookie dough (for the freezer) - I have been eating cookies every day since
- slow cooked lamb shanks for dinner
- salad (instead of my typical sandwich) for lunch
- after several very wet and grey days, the forecast for the weekend is sun and below zero temperatures
- tutorial: editing photos on your phone
- a weekend ahead with visitors from Bergen plus playdates with Stavanger friends
- Unge lovende
- I have really enjoyed catching up on Jeanine's blog lately - I especially liked this before and after post, this is nice, isn't it? and these little videos
- fire in the wood stove every morning

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- a feverish Sara
- cancelling an evening date with my girlfriends because I'm not brave enough yet to bring a grumpy, tired and constantly nursing baby to such a date yet (we planned to make fruit chutney)
- close to no time for just Sølve and me in the evening these days - Sara is asleep around 8 pm and when Sverre finally falls asleep some time between 10 pm and midnight (still a bit unpredictable that little guy), I go straight to bed to get the most out of the night. I know this (too) is a passing phase, but I kind of miss my husband, if you understand what I mean.


  1. Oh, I love the little films Jeannie has posted and her blog, too. And Mariell and... and... and. So much great creativitiy around the web. Thanks for sharing the wonderful links, I got inspired.



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