Friday, 6 November 2015

things I like lately

I love how the afternoon sun is caught at the top of the plants

- little bugs tee
- the year I embraced minimalism and completed a yearlong shopping ban (via Sara)
- what women really look like 24 hours postpartum
- this new to me blog: Sirivil
- big age gaps - pros and cons
- Italian road trip honeymoon
- a beautiful house for rent in Sweden (I have admired it ever since I first saw it on owner Helena's blog)
- 10 most surreal destinations in the world
- 10 Norwegian phrases that don't exist in English but should (via Aftenposten)
- 10 ting som gir energi i mørketiden
- made me laugh out loud
- getting some much needed sleep whilst Sverre naps
- a much needed good night's sleep
- a few nights of Sverre sleeping 5,5 hours straight - a record so far
- Sverre sleeping through my pre birthday errands which included IKEA on a Saturday and several grocery stores
(l can go on and on about sleeping these days)
- pasta bolognese leftovers for dinner - some days its nice not having to cook dinner
- dry autumn leaves on the ground
- celebrating Sara's fourth birthday
- having my sister and her 11 months old son visiting
- seeing how much Sara enjoy being with her cousin
- belgiske trøfler fra Jacobs utvalgte (a heavenly delicious chocolate)
- Broen - I'm totally hooked
- a husband that makes and serves me supper whilst I'm stuck on the sofa with a nursing/sleeping baby
- Sverre has started to really enjoy the activity gym

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- when I have nursed Sverre during night and put him back to bed, he is asleep and I go back to sleep - and then he wakes up after a few minutes and keeps going for another hour or so. Zzzz...
- both Sara and I have a cold - nothing serious, just annoying
- Sara's night time coughs (last night she coughed so hard she vomited, poor thing)
- my sweets craving is back and so is my willpower to stop it - maybe I need to step up the juicing
- a slight tendonitis in my wrist and arm

- - -

Answer to a question in the comment section:

Filipa wrote: I live in Portugal and for us is really strange to see a baby sleep outside. Specially with rain and low temperatures! Here we are affraid of getting rain and cold weather... Why do you have that habit?

I think the habit of babies sleeping outside in their prams (even in below zero temperatures) is typical for the Nordic countries. It is said that the fresh air make the babies sleep longer and boost their immune system. Although there is no research to support this (I think, but here is something BBC reported.).

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  1. Ah, Broen - I find it this summer and was totally hooked too.
    This week I will began the 3rd season. A friend of mine said it is brilliant.



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