Wednesday, 25 November 2015

life, week 47

his arm around my neck // my heart explodes 

Exploring new sides of life. And time to be even more careful of where we put him down. Also, so thankful for inheriting piles of baby clothes from my sister @marihagen


Please excuse this badly lit photo on this very dark and rainy day, I just want to share this yummy salad that I made for lunch. Alfalfa sprouts, avocado, cucumber, shrimp, corn, fresh ground pepper and lemon juice. Next time I'll add fresh coriander too. In the meantime I hope Sverre decides it's time to have that nap soon so I can finish my lunch.

He finally fell asleep, not in the pram (in the hallway; did not at all feel like going out in the pouring rain and howling winds today) but on my lap. I wish I could simply just enjoy this. Instead I look at the pile of laundry, the dirty dishes and other chores on my to do list, and feel like I'm stuck getting nowhere. I need to work on changing my attitude on this. Having a sleeping baby on my lap won't last forever. I should pause and enjoy it.

Her birthday gift from us; a Lego police station. I suspect pappa Sølve bought it a bit (or a lot) for himself too. 

She still loves the swings - just like she did when she was little.

hanging out with this poor feverish kid today - and her baby brother who thinks proper naps are so last month // an iPad detox is in order when she is well again

Hanging out with my favorite four year old today too. Luckily the fever is gone, but she has to stay home - kindergarten rules. Trying to cut way back on screen time today, so we're playing bingo whilst Sverre enjoys the activity gym. Her lunch: fish cakes, my lunch: salad of mixed baby leaf lettuce, chickpeas, tomato and an egg.

post lunch snack 

This guy slept seven hours straight last night! Pardon the bragging, fellow sleep deprived parents, but this record had to be recorded.

I'm a real big sister now, right?

She has discovered the camera on the iPad, which makes me quite happy. Maybe she will become fond of photography too?

I was surprised to see that see did the puzzle all by herself. 

because frost is pretty

There are lots of ducks, swans and other birds by the lake. This was actually the first time we brought food for the. She loved it. 

that lovely late autumn, early winter light 

first day of below zero temperatures - and a gorgeous day it was

- - - 

Week 47: November 16-22 // scenes from a november weekend 


  1. Oh gosh those blue kindergarten shoe thingies... found myself halfway down the stairs after bringing the little girl to kindergarten twice until I realised that something was... erm... odd.
    Greetings and thanks for that laugh

  2. Hei Astrid will be always my oasis.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of the little moments. Little things make life so beautiful and magical. Your blog is a pill for every hurried person, who has forgot that truth.



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