Thursday, 12 November 2015

life, week 45

Birthday week is over and plenty of fun was had. But now I'm ready for everyday routines - for the new week and the new month. The lack of routines make me feel scattered and restless. Off to remedy that with a to do list.

in transit // from boob to pram 

A stroll in the sun is always a good idea - both for body and soul.

In black and white this looks like the reflection in water rather than looking up in the sky.

Forever and ever attracted to light. Also, thanks to my mamma for the lovely birthday lilies. 

She was so into the Lego, so she didn't want to have her picture taken. This was what I got. (Had to document the face paint she got in kindergarten for Halloween.)

Big milestone for big sister Sara today; she finally let go (with a little help from her parents) of her dear, beloved pacifiers. We biked in the dark and hang them all on the pacifier tree by the lake. I wonder how the first night without the pacifier will be...

Again with the light. 

this guy

I thought he was ready for his long morning nap and I happily planned my own morning nap. When he woke up after five minutes, I decided it was time for a walk around the lake instead. Fresh air and exercise never fail. #astridspramwalkdiaries

When the mommy brain fog clears, you might be surprised to find the cheese sharing the side table with your kid's Lego in the living room. 

No nap for mamma today either, but I have been out for a walk around the lake plus done errands - including an impulsive parkas buy (it was 50% off) and getting a parking fine.

My little bear cub needed a new hat, so he got the blue one with ears because his mamma bear could not resist the cuteness. 

lake locals // #astridspramwalkdiaries

5 pm Friday dusk // baby demanding food, kid watching cartoons, mamma making coffee, pappa still at work

9:50 am pyjamas stroll // mission: 1) get Sverre to sleep 2) buy fresh baked bread and buns from the local bakery

Sunday siesta, soon

Sunday siesta, cartoons on Netflix version

- - - 

Week 45: November 2-8


  1. Hi
    Fascinated by the idea of the pacifier tree - never heard of such a thing here in the UK. How does it work?
    Getting ready for our son (2) to get rid of his dummy and would love to hear any insights or tips. Esp as he has a little sister (3 months) who will still have one. Not sure how to make it seem fair!
    Really enjoy your blog



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