Friday, 9 October 2015

things I like lately

a black and white view from the mountain cabin on our hallway wall - I love the graphic, almost abstract feeling of it 

- Hatting bread rolls with butter, alfalfa sprouts, salami, romaine lettuce and cucumber
- Minde risbrød (chocolate with puffed rice)
- things I've worn eight millions times
- 14 surprising things about parenting in Sweden
- the baby blanket my sister knitted for Sverre
- we have framed and hung the big photo print (50*70 cm) I mentioned last week - I'm very happy about it
- we have just started experimenting with juicing and we both love it - Sara not so much (yet?). I'll share our favourites when we have gotten more into the swing of it
- juice made of Norwegian apples (Discovery) - oh my! so yummy! Also made me think of my dear friend Hanne in Bergen who loves Norwegian apples more than anyone else I know
- watching Elementary on Netflix whilst nursing - I'm totally hooked!
- Chef's Table on Netflix
- lighting candles every evening
- I made spinach kale soup the other day and it was surprisingly good - bonus: Sara liked it too (she is normally no fan of greens that are green)
- platedate i Kulturhuset på P2 på fredager
- høstlista
- a bouquet of carnations from Sølve
- lapinblu on instagram
- Somewhere Slower
- real talk, real moms via A Daily Something

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the uncertainty of how much sleep I will get each night. This is the essence of having a newborn/baby, I know, but I can't seem to let go of my wish to be in control of my life.
- trying to cut down on sweets and failing terribly


  1. håper å spise epler og høre på ekko og kulturhuset med deg snart!!

  2. De første to årene av Orvars liv tenkte jeg på søvn (eller mangelen på sammenhengende søvn) nesten hele tida. Selv om man vet at det ikke varer for evig, er det utrolig tungt når det står på. Og det er ikke så rart at man

  3. I love the mountains photo you have for your hallway. I have a couple of mountain pics printed and ready to go for when, if, we finally get the hallway decorated.



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