Friday, 16 October 2015

things I like lately

freshly squeezed red orange juice from the 2010 archives // Fuji Provia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

- Sverre is already one month old
- life with two little ones feels easier now than a month ago - but we are constantly adjusting
- we have juiced (once a day) for nearly two weeks now and are totally hooked
- my craving for sweets have decreased (yay!) - I have read somewhere that this might be a benefit from juicing
- fresh from the oven banana muffins (the sweets craving is not totally gone...)
- the color of homemade beetroot juice
- season 6 of Modern Family on Netflix
- now that I have finished watching both seasons of Elementary available on Norwegian Netflix, I'm looking forward to the new season (4) of Homeland that was just released on Norwegian Netflix
- toasted whole grain bread with basil pesto, romaine lettuce, ham, cheese and red bell pepper
- living close to our parents so that they can easily come by and lend a hand when for example Sølve has to work late and I'm home with the little ones - Sara being sick and Sverre just being an unpredictable newborn
- my blog friend Maria's birth story - so brave and beautiful! (PS: a guest post by Maria)
- gorgeous autumn weather; frost in the morning, warm sun, blue skies and crisp air during day, and cold evenings that make your nose and cheeks rosy
- this post by Ingvild - the weather this week has really made me long for hiking in the mountains
- observing how the autumn light moves around our house from morning til evening
- plans of having homemade pizza for Friday dinner
- platedate by Ingvild

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sara being sick all week
- being home alone with my two little ones - luckily Sølve was able to stay home a couple of days too


  1. Åh, bloggen din er så fin <3

  2. Hvilken juicemaskin har dere? Nesten litt fristende å prøve :)



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