Friday, 2 October 2015

things I like lately

from my 2009 archives // also to be found in this book published by Frankie magazine

- I have updated my VSCO grid (a collection of iPhone photos processed with VSCO Cam app) and some of my photos have been chosen for the curated grid
- I have ordered a bunch of prints from my photos, including a huge one (50*70 cm!) that will be framed. It is the first I have had one of my photos made this big - very excited to see the result!
- Fat, sick and nearly dead 1 and 2 (on Netflix)
- said documentaries inspired us to get a juicer (ordered online; still waiting to receive it). I have never made juice before - have you? Any recommendation?
- homemade banana muffins with cream cheese frosting
- just started watching Elementary on Netflix - looks promising (I loved Sherlock!)
- having a sleeping baby next to me on the kitchen counter whilst I make dinner
- need to make oreo balls again soon
- tidal pool pillowcase
- seeing Sara's love for Sverre
- picking up Sara in kindergarten and seeing how proud she is to show off Sverre to everyone
- the fact that Sølve doesn't mind grilling in the rain after dark (the steak was amazing!)
- the fact that Sverre already loves to be bathed (it took a while before Sara enjoyed it)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- clutter, everywhere
- the lack of routine and action in my days - so much time is spent nursing and being stuck with a sleeping baby in my lap (who wakes up if I try to move him to the crib). I love this too, of course, I just need to adjust my expectations of how much I can get done during a day. Sleeping and eating have higher priority than cleaning clutter, for example.
- my hair (first world problem, I know...) - I miss my long hair


  1. first of all, Astrid, congratulations with your little boy! and thank you for nonstop inspiration - through the years you tought me how wonderful little things in our everyday life is :)

    now about the juicing - keep it low on fruit and mostly juice veggies. The best way is to drink fresh juice 30 min before meal or 2 hours after... but simply see how things are realistic for you and your family.
    also, adding lemon usually helps if the juice came out bit hard to drink :)

    our usual daily green juice for 2 people ( comes out quite a bit of juice! ):
    5 cucumbers
    1-2 apples
    2 big handful of spinach
    half broccoli
    peeled lemon and sometimes ginger

  2. Hei Astrid! If you liked fat, sick and nearly dead- you must watch Cowspiracy and Forks over knives (both on the Norwegian Netflix). Cowspiracy is very thought provoking (and changed my life).

    Congrats for your cute baby Sverre! :)



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