Thursday, 22 October 2015

life, week 42

It is...

...all about...

...the light. Morning light, in this case. And to take a moment to enjoy its fleeting presents.

one sick and one tired // mamma is just doing her best

Frosty grass and pastel colored morning sky - autumn morning at its best.

I had a whole bunch of photos printed. Now to choose which ones to frame.

but first coffee

Planting bulbs (daffodils, I think) to make spring pretty. They make a great team.

A #nofilter view from Sverre's napping spot on the terrace. Would love to be out walking today, but due to big sister Sara being sick, we are staying home.

I love observing how the autumn light moves around our house from dawn til dusk.

first but definitely not the last // fresh from the oven banana muffins

baby breakfast and mamma breakfast // I made a switch from milk to yoghurt on the oats - spills less whilst nursing

Sara is well and back in kindergarten after being sick all week and I'm finally outdoors again soaking in the gorgeous autumn weather.

First walk with the Ergo. He slept all the way, so I call it a success.

Mr Polar Bear came grocery shopping. So did my pyjamas dressed kid. I blame pyjamas and teddy doctor day in kindergarten.

Saturday morning grocery shopping with biking big sister and sleeping little brother #astridspramwalkdiaries

The neighbourhood lake. I so enjoy my walks here.

So does the rest of the family. Also: afternoon sun for the win!

Again; it is all about the light. I sound like a broken record, right?

Autumn colors...

...and light...

...I never tire of you. And what a great week it was! (There is rain on next week's forecast. Insert sad face.) 

- - - 

Week 42: October 12-18


  1. Du er så god på å fanget lyset, og eg blir ordentleg glad av "darker mornings"-serien! :D

  2. I love your captures of light. Sometimes when I catch a special glimse of light over here I find myself thinking: "That would be one for Astrid." Unfortunately I´m not that good with my own camera so my attempts to get a pic of special light end up rather blurry/bleak.

    Greetings on a grey and especially light-less day,

  3. Du tar så fine bilder! Elsker dette vakre høstlyset!

  4. Gorgeous autumn light and color. I agree with Katrin - you capture light so beautifully! Thank you for sharing!



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