Wednesday, 14 October 2015

life, week 41

darker mornings, yet again

Every morning she asks to see baby. She always calls him that, baby.

A summery colored bouquet of carnations from my darling husband.

First a pram walk on the hunt for autumn colors and awesome light...

...and then a delicious lunch in the sun on the terrace whilst Sverre was still sleeping in the pram. 

these two

She had breakfast on a cloud before she biked to kindergarten with her pappa.

Big sister to the rescue. Her singing scared away the screaming.

Shower time for mamma, play time on the bathroom floor for mr S.

She wanted to be a cat for kindergarten costume day. We made do with things found in our wardrobes: Sara's black tights and black socks, mamma's black long sleeve t-shirt and a black tail. The face paint she got in kindergarten made the black cat costume complete.

Just woke up from an epic nap. Time for coffee!

Snug as a bug under the beautiful blanket knitted by aunt Mari.

Brought to us by my in-laws, all the way from the garden at Åsly.

Early afternoon nap time. Well, at this stage anytime is nap time.

Friday night laps in the living room. Also first evening alone with my little ones. All well so far. Yay!

Saturday 1 am: trimming my fringe whilst waiting for Sverre to fall asleep properly // there is a first for everything, right?

Sunday stroll (with freshly trimmed fringe, by yours truly) to shake off the lack of sleep fog, listening to Spilled Milk podcast and looking forward to homemade meatballs dinner at my parents' this afternoon.

I like these earthy color tones.

Good night! (I hope. Fingers crossed.)

- - -

Week 41: October 5-11

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  1. blir så glad av å lese bloggen din. du skriver så fint om livet <3



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