Wednesday, 9 September 2015

thoughts on organising photos (of my children)

I got this comment from a reader yesterday:

I'm wondering if you could share how you organise and store photos of Sara? I'm expecting my first baby in November and am anxious that the inevitable large number of photos we take don't get forgotten about on our phones or memory cards. I would like to put them into albums, but not sure whether to do this monthly, seasonly, in blurb books or slot in albums. Just curious about how you have done it!

I'm pretty passionate about organising in general (is it ok to be passionate about such a thing without being a bit nuts?), and I have a well tested routine for organising my photos (of Sara). Of course I'll share my method!

I transfere photos from my cameras (these days it means my iPhone) to my computer once every week. (It is also part of the preparation for my weekly "life, week x" posts - a kind of journaling that keeps me grounded.) On my computer the photos are organised in folders labeled with week number, month and year. The folders are automatically organised chronologically.

Sometimes I'll add extra keywords like "Easter" or "summer holiday" to make it easier to remember what the folder contains. Folders with film photos are labeled with type of film, camera, month and year, for example: Kodak Portra 160_Canon EOS 500N_Aug15.

I try my best to only keep the best photos; I delete those that don't make the cut. Still the total number of photos is overwhelming!

I currently have a Mac and use iPhoto for organising my photos. It looks like this.

And this is how it looks on my external hard drive plus how it used to look when I had a pc. I upload all my photos to Flickr (privately) as backup plus I have two external hard drives that I use regularly for backup.

I do not organise photos of Sara in a special way; they are just part of the weekly folders. I do however make Blurb books of each year. I have done so for a while. After Sara was born, the photos are mostly of her - and these books are the perfect Christmas gift for Sara's grandparents!

Sometimes I'll make books from special occasions like "Our first month with Sara" and "Sara's baptism" (the two small books to the right).

It is quite a big job to make a book with photos from a whole year. I find that as long as my photos are organised regularly as described above, and the order of the photos in the book is chronological, the task is much more manageable.

PS: book making tips

By the way, "uke" means week.


  1. We have a similar way to organize our photos.
    Thanks for sharing 😊.

  2. Takk! Dette ga meg inspirasjon til Ä rydde litt i mine egne bilder. Er delvis organisert, men er mye rot ogsÄ. Bruker Dropbox og da overfÞres bildene automatisk fra iPhone til Macen, og det resulterer i en mappe med maaaange bilder. PÄ tide Ä rydde opp.

  3. Thank you so much for responding! I am also pretty passionate about organising, and your method is very logical. I approach my film photo organising in a similar way on my computer, but I like the idea of doing a book for each year and special occassions/holidays. Thank you :) x

  4. Hei Astrid!

    Jeg elsker bildene dine. Befinner meg ogsÄ mellom Bergen og Stavanger, mellom studentliv og lÊrerjobb, og setter sÄnn pris pÄ hverdagsrealismen og skjÞnnheten som du viser fram her pÄ bloggen. Tusen takk!

    :) Hilde



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