Friday, 25 September 2015

things I like lately

new in our garden: yellow coneflower

- sweet, juicy plums - unfortunately not from our tree; it has barely had any plums this season
- kids online: how much is safe to share in photos?
- this comment on marathon running (in Norwegian)
- the best photos of confused onlookers from NYFW
- Alice Gao's tips to taking better smartphone photos (PS: Alice shoots film)
- hello there, friend
- clean windows all around the house - thanks to my amazing husband
- the expression of my milk drunk baby
- Sverre's smiles
- just placed my order for The Kinfolk Home - I love the Kinfolk concept, so I have big expectations about this book (The Kinfolk Table is gorgeous!)
- new stuff in our garden: two apple trees, several different rhododendrons, purple and pink phlox plus yellow coneflower
- the quote in this post
- rediscovering The Glow
- a blog is only dead when you are
- from co-sleeping to cot sleeping
- this new to me beautiful blog: Souvenirs (via Ingvild)
- the Australian documentary series What is a hipster? (Hipsters på NRK)
- the host of said series, Samuel Johnson, reminded me of the tv series he played in that I liked a lot; The Secret Life of Us
- seeing how much fun Sara has playing with her three cousins (who are visiting from Bergen)
- all your sweet comments on this and this post - thank you! I really appreciate each and every one of them

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- still having a hard time adjusting to the sleepless nights
- it is taking me forever to get Sverre and myself ready for our pram walks (I know this will get better with time though)

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  1. i saw a film about the mosuo - and there the young mothers are sitting for four weeks by the fireside and were feeded with smooth food and everybody comes along and carries the baby along
    because they say that the bones and teeth of a young mothers weaken to give birth and needs four weeks to become strong again
    so please don't beat you up - you don't have to hurry
    all my best wishes
    lg birgit



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