Friday, 11 September 2015

things I like lately

from the archives, Bergen apartment // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

- another week of gorgeous early autumn weather - warm enough for a t-shirt during day and fresh, crisp autumn air during night
- keeping up the summer time mood with this song
- #MisheardLyrics (I wish they would tell what the lyrics actually are though because I'm really good at mishearing lyrics...)
- homemade cauliflower soup with homemade croutons, bacon and freshly grated parmesan
- Vitviu - well done, Sigrid!
- a gentle reminder to myself: low light
- also (from my blog archives): a new photo project: darker mornings - maybe I should do something like this again
- Elin ba om å få brukte gaver da sønnen fylte fire år
- lunch date with my girlfriends two days in a row - yay maternity leave!
- said girlfriends brought gorgeous housewarming flowers (it's embarrassing to say we haven't been able to meet since we moved to Stavanger a year ago)
- this looks good
- pyjamas from Berg & Berg
- 10 hverdagsgleder
- tåkehester
- digging out a gift card that I got for Christmas and stocking up on a few new flannel shirts for the upcoming (autumn/winter) breastfeeding period, including this pyjamas
- these two photos together and this

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- baby boy made us believe he was making his entrance into this world yesterday - it was false alarm
- the uncertainty of when baby boy actually will come - I'm not yet impatient, I just like to be in control

- - -

Question asked in the comment section:

A while ago ALittaM asked on this post: Does Sara eat all the greens? My Lucia will send back every dish of pasta with anything green in it...

Sara is the same. Any green that is green is passed over to me. She is still rather picky when it comes to greens, but she does eat things like carrots, corn, cucumber and potato.


  1. Takk for liking fina! Og lykke lykke til med det forestående :)

  2. Disse listene dine er så fine! Og tusen takk for link :)



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