Saturday, 19 September 2015

things I like lately - new mother version

Oh the bliss of having a sleeping newborn on my chest! 

- our baby son, Sverre Johan, was born on Tuesday - two weeks before his due date
- Sverre is a beautiful, healthy baby
- so thankful that my body deals so well with (natural) birth
- so thankful that the nursing is already going so well (it took me a while to get the hang of it with Sara)
- seeing Sara as a loving and caring big sister - although she seems to struggle with some mixed emotions too, as expected
- seeing Sølve as a proud father of two
- feeling so much more in control of the newborn situation now compared to when Sara was fresh into this world
- folkene på Fødeloftet og barselhotellet i Stavanger - en mye bedre start på mammalivet enn KK i Bergen (sorry, Bergen!)
- the celebratory glass of champagne
- brie on Rugsprø, salami sandwiches and snacking on ibérico ham (foods that pregnant women in Norway are recommended to stay off)
- being ok with the fact that I will still be wearing my pregnancy jeans for a while (note to self: reorganise the wardrobe from pregnancy clothes to nursing friendly clothes)
- this nursing top from Lindex (perfect for layering) - I didn't use these kind of tops when nursing Sara, but now I'm already hooked - need to stock up!
- this night shirt - perfect for nursing
- flowers galore in our living room - thanks to generous family, friends and colleagues
- the decision to get a new sofa - a comfortable spot for nursing in the living room - right away instead of saving up for something more fancy (like this or this)
- looking forward to slooowly starting to exercise again - starting today with the first little walk with the pram

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- sleepless nights - so hard to adjust!
- finding a way to guide Sara to be careful when being with Sverre without constantly giving her strict orders - any advice?

- - -

PS: Check the motherhood label for more baby/toddler/motherhood related posts including a series of guest posts (published in late 2011 after Sara was born) from my mother friends who give advice to new mothers: Jeanette on motherhood, Norunn on motherhood, Margrete on motherhood, Barbara on motherhood, Caroline Kaspara on motherhood,    


  1. Åh, husker min første skive med brie og spekeskinke etter fødsel, tror det er på topp 5 beste måltid noensinne!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting and wonderful for all of you!

  3. Herlig å lese! Blir litt rørt jeg! ❤️

  4. It must be wonderful (and terrifying) to be a mom of two now...! But you seem to be doing well! Much love to you four!



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